On the 3X Weight Loss Program, I’m often asked, “If I don’t eat organic, am I still going to get results?” Since this question comes up a lot, I wanted to explain my reasoning behind why I suggest eating organic food on the 3x Program.

If you don’t eat organic on my program, will you still get results? Yes, absolutely! If you follow my program, but do not eat organic food, you will still get 100 percent weight loss results. So, why do I recommend eating organic food anyway? It’s because my program does not focus on weight loss alone. It also focuses on overall health.

The 3X Program focuses on health because it’s directly tied into weight loss; it’s hard to sustain weight loss without good health. You see, our bodies store fat when they’re under stress, and when our body is overloaded with toxins from the food we eat, our metabolism slows down, and nobody wants that! If you can’t eat the way you did in your early twenties, well, your metabolism is probably a BIG culprit. One of the best ways to kickstart your metabolism is to effectively REMOVE the toxins from your diet. Makes sense, right?

Why People Can’t Lose Weight

Do you known anyone who has tried to lose weight? Someone who thought she was doing everything right – dieting and exercising – but she just couldn’t see any real results? Maybe this person was your sister or your best friend. Maybe this person was you. This happens because a lot of weight loss programs are not healthy. In many cases, the program is only focused on weight or fat loss, but it’s not good for the body. So, the body holds on to the extra weight for dear life. It won’t release it because it’s literally starved for nutrients.

These extreme methods of dieting may involve starving yourself or killing yourself at the gym. They can leave you feeling exhausted, starved, dizzy, irritable, and malnourished. And where’s the fun in that? Such diets are so focused on weight loss that nobody’s looking at the overall picture, which is our health. The question is, how do you lose weight while getting super healthy at the same time?

The 3X Weight Loss Program takes a two-pronged approach: 1) it focuses on getting you as healthy as possible and 2) it focuses on burning as much fat as possible. And this is why I focus on eating organic – because I want to see you have optimum health! Here are the 3 reasons why I recommend eating organic:

  1. Organic food is higher quality.

The number one reason why I recommend organic food is because it's a lot higher quality. For instance, let’s say that I have two oranges and one of the oranges is organic and the other isn’t. The organic orange is going to contain as much as 10 times the amount of nutrients than the non-organic counterpart – pretty impressive! Your body NEEDS the nourishment it gets from nutrient-dense, organic foods that are grown in quality soil.

  1. Organic food doesn’t have pesticides.

Non-organic foods are sprayed with pesticides, thereby wreaking havoc on the body. Pesticides are designed to kill bugs – they can’t be good for you! They are endocrine disrupters, which mess with the hormonal system, particularly estrogen. Since pesticides mimic estrogen, they can be highly toxic to the body, contributing to hormonal imbalances, weight gain and breast cancer. Pesticides can also cause a sluggish thyroid, so why not remove them from our diet so we can reduce the risk of these adverse health effects?

  1. Organic is free of herbicides.

Organic foods are free of a worrisome herbicide called Glyphosate, otherwise known as Roundup, which is sprayed on non-organic produce. It’s not meant to kill bugs, it’s meant to kill unwanted weeds and vegetation. There is a lot of research on the health dangers of Glyphosate, which was originally registered as an antibiotic.

Antibiotics affect gut health and not in a good way. When you’re eating non-organic food that’s been sprayed with an herbicide that’s been classified as an antibiotic, what does that mean to your body? It means you’re taking antibiotics through the food that you’re eating every day, and it’s killing off all the good bacteria needed to keep you healthy.

Eating Organic Can Be Affordable!

These are my top three reasons why you would want to eat organic. You don't have to go out and just get everything organic right off the bat. It's a process. You can start by just getting the organic stuff that's on sale, or by going to Costco and picking up the organic food that’s on sale. You can also buy affordable organic foods at Wal-Mart, Trader Joe’s, Target and at your local farmer’s market. With a little price comparing, you’ll soon learn that buying organic is more affordable than ever!

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