In this blog post Laura Sales reveals the truth about why you aren’t seeing results with your weight loss efforts.

Isn’t it so frustrating when you religiously commit yourself to reaching your weight loss goal, you limit your food intake, eat low fat, count your calories, exhaust yourself at the gym, take diet pills—just the whole drill—yet you’re still not losing any weight?

Well, there’s a very specific reason for it.

The problem with most diets is that they focus only on calories instead of the quality of food. Focusing only on calories (quantity) instead of type of food (quality) is a HUGE mistake!

Let’s get the facts straight on calories

When you go on a low calorie diet, you’re only looking at one aspect. The mindset is that if you eat less food, you’re going to lose weight, but in reality, your body is a living breathing organism that works based on biochemistry. In other words, it has reacts chemically to everything that you put inside. All foods are not created equal and you could be doing damage to your metabolism when you eat low quality, low calories foods. In my opinion the low calorie diet methods are one of the reasons that 70% of our population is overweight. It's also the reason why, if you've gone on these types of plans, you're not seeing results, and it's the reason why it gets harder and harder to lose weight as the years go on.

Having too many of the wrong carbs can make you fat

Most low-calorie diets recommend eating foods that are high in carbs and low in fat. Here’s the problem with that. When you consume food that’s high in carbs, this is how your body reacts: it breaks down the carbs into glucose, which is just another form of sugar. When your body senses the glucose in your bloodstream, your body releases the fat-storing hormone called insulin. Insulin takes the sugar out of your bloodstream and puts it in your cells- mainly your fat cells. The double whammy is that not only does it store sugar into your fat cells but if there's insulin left in your system, it actually blocks the fat cells from releasing fat.

So if you want to get incredible weight loss results, you have to concentrate your efforts on what is going to have the least amount of impact or influence on the insulin response inside of your body.

The carbs you CAN have

Don’t get me wrong—you still need to get some form of carbs in your diet. But we’re looking for the healthiest kind of carbs that will allow you to burn the MOST amount of fat. And this does not include your pizza, donuts, rice, or pasta…sorry!

The healthiest carbs that you can have for maximum fat burning is vegetables, and we’re talking about the green ones.

Aside from eating a ton of salads, which give you a lot of vegetables, and a lot of healthy carbs, you can also do vegetable substitutes for different things like noodles, and rice, and all of the bad type of stuff that you don't want to have.

There are ways to create vegetables in order to make them taste the same. For instance, spiralize zucchini or butternut squash and turn them into a pasta dish. Another thing you can do is “riced cauliflower”, which is actually just cauliflower that’s chopped or shredded to turn into a rice-like consistency.

You can also go for other alternatives like quinoa. However, this is going to have a higher impact on your insulin, so you should still have servings of it just moderately. Another alternative is chickpeas and sweet potatoes, at least once a week.

The Best Weight Loss Plan

The best weight loss plan is one that not only focuses on “weight loss” but one that also focuses on improving your overall health. Once you're healthy, your weight loss goals will naturally follow.

My approach to weight loss is to focus on eating the best foods that will not only help you burn fat fast but ones that are loaded with nutrients that will speed up your metabolism, balance your hormones, heal your gut, improve your immune system and lower inflammation.

That’s what the 3X Weight Loss program can do for you.

Your Weight Loss Coach,

Laura Sales, Founder of 3X Weight Loss

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