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In just short 8 months Audrey has lost over 107 pounds on the 3X program. Without counting calories, without starving and without exercise (besides walking)

Read Audrey's Story Below:

Still in denial over how big I was, and am still getting used to going from size 28 jeans to a size 16 in 8 months.

I hope my pics can be an inspiration to others as other ladies I know have been an inspiration to me.

This program has provided me with the knowledge to make the right choice for my health. This program has changed my life for the better and can’t thank Laura Sales enough for sharing all her knowledge.

I no longer dread sitting in a booth, wondering if the airplane seat belt would fit, or feel other people watch as the big girl walks down the street or in a store.

This is a life-changing program what I fully endorse and encourage other women to participate in! 

If she can do it, you can too!

Your Weight Loss Coach,

Laura Sales, Founder of 3X Weight Loss

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